Vallejo British Infantry Napoleonic Wars Paint Set


British Napoleonic paint set (8) (Boxed Vallejo)

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Vallejo Warlord Games British Napoleonic Paint Set contains:

8 Vallejo 17ml Acrylic Model Colour paints:

  • 70.976 – Buff
  • 70.836 – London Grey
  • 70.957 – Flat Red
  • 70.899 – Dark Prussian Blue
  • 70.896 – G.C. Extra Dark Green
  • 70.865 – Oily Steel
  • 70.820 – Offwhite
  • 70.801 – Brass

The red coated soldiers of British Infantry formed the only force able to withstand the might of the French Army of the Napoleonic Wars. Fighting from Portugal through to Belgium, the British army and her allies finally brought the might of Napoleon’s France to its end at the Battle of Waterloo.The devastating massed volleys unleashed by the well disciplined British regimental lines proved a match for the French army on many European battlefields.

With a reputation for their fantastic quality, we have worked with Vallejo to produce this great value set to help get you started painting your British Napoleonic forces.

Vallejo Model Colour is an extensive range of paints designed for painting scale miniature kits. Vallejo Model Color is designed to be lightfast, waterproof (once dry), provides a smooth coat with minimal brushstrokes, and dries to an opaque finish (except transparent and fluorescent paints).

Vallejo Model Color acrylic paint is designed to give superior coverage on metal, plastic and resin models, and can be freely mixed with other acrylic colours and Vallejo Auxiliary products.
Once sealed with varnish, the colours are highly resistant to scratching and solvent application.

The Vallejo Model Colour acrylic paint range comes in convenient dropper bottles, giving painters and hobbyists complete control over paint flow from the bottle.

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